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Lakshminarayanan Manikhandan Germany Job Seeker Visa My name is Lakshminarayanan Manikhandan worked as an IT Professional at Chennai with normal remuneration and my journey to settling abroad was a dream. After a whole lot of inquiry in many consultancies at Chennai and whenever I got an occasion to travel to Hyderabad followed the same. After so much research finally, I spoke to Competent Career and my dream to visit Germany came true. This made me more satisfied and proud of being the employee of a Well-known German Logistic Company. My job is very promising and got to learn many IT related projects. This opportunity as an IT project manager given an exceptional chance to progress in my career and hope this will bring plenty of positive possibilities to be in a higher position shortly. I am extremely happy to inform you that I got the Job in this company situated at Bavaria, the most popular place in Germany federal state and in the urge to convert to a Blue card citizen. I am thankful to the entire team who supported me throughout my process.