Arranged Employment


Arranged Employment means the applicant is possessing a valid job appointment order from that particular country’s employer with rightful approval.

For instance, there are certain programs of some specific nations where a selected candidate receives the employment orders and they are requested to join the duty with immediate effect. The success rate to achieve such employment welcome letter is extremely very crucial unless they get convinced the importance of that job requirement and the applicant’s ability to fulfil the urgency of that generated vacancy. Such programs are mostly prevailing in Canadian FSW plan.

    Having a valid job offer affects you in two different ways:

    • Firstly, for eligibility under the FSWP
    • Secondly for points towards your total score.

    To immigrate to Canada as an FSW, you must complete the Visa EEP and be invited to apply. Under EEP the candidate will receive a better chance of being invited to apply.

    A job offer must be in writing format with the details of the appointment and the offerings of the employment, For Example:

    • your pay and deductions
    • your job duties
    • conditions of employment, like your hours of work.

    A work permit on its own is not a job offer, even if it is an open work permit.