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Australia welcomes immigrants from across the globe with multiple types of visas. Australia has been one of the most promising destinations across the world for immigration enthusiasts.

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Australia welcomes immigrants from across the globe with multiple types of visas.  Australia has been one of the most promising destinations across the world for immigration enthusiasts.

    Australia offers an ocean of opportunities in the following areas:

    1. IT Professionals
    2. Engineers from all Branches
    3. Professors  & other Teaching Faculties
    4. Scientists (in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Space Technology etc.)
    5. And in many other Fields / Occupations

    At ‘Competent Careers’ our expert team will guide and help you through the standard procedure for you to acquire a Visa. We are one of the best Australia Immigration Consultants. You can also study in Australia. Australia facilitates study abroad for deserving students.


    Australia offers tremendous opportunities to the immigrants.  Australia is one of the countries which many immigrants prefer to go for study, work, settle down, visit as a tourist, etc.  There are different types of Visas like Student Visa, Job Seeker Visa, Permanent Resident Visa, Business Visa, Tourist Visa, etc.  Australia’s well-performing economy, employment opportunities, education system attracts immigrants.  When you think ‘Immigration Australia’ think of us; it’s we at ‘Competent Careers’ have indispensable capability to assist you realize your dream of going abroad.  In the sphere of study abroad; in India we are one of the best study abroad consultants. We offer better immigration services than others.

    Australia is a member country of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED). This organization promotes policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. In most areas of the Better Life Index Chart, Australia holds a good rank among the top countries.

    With such a high standard of quality of life, it is no wonder that migration to Australia is increasing day by day. On 26 January 2014 at Australian Day ceremonies about 18,000 migrants became Australian citizens. More than a quarter of the country’s population is born elsewhere.  The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show people born in the United Kingdom continue to be the largest group of Australian residents born overseas followed by New Zealand, China and India.

    While moving to Australia staying focused and sub dividing major tasks into manageable sections makes them smooth. It is advised to ensure immediate priorities and doing sufficient homework.

    Proper preparation and planning of different stages is the first necessity. Sorting out the projected finances, investigating the several factors involving cost of living in Australia, and making a list or folder of documents needed during different stages should not be overlooked.

    Some of the requirements you will need to fulfill include:

    1. Skills and Qualification Assessments
    2. English Language Testing
    3. Evidence of Available Funds
    4. Health Requirement
    5. Police Checks

    Residence Permit

    Australia offers a Residence Permit for interested skilled work force.  You have to meet a few eligibility requirements.  The applicant needs to submit an expression of interest and be invited by the Australian government .through skill test selection procedure.  You can be within or outside the country.  This Skill Test selection happens every fortnight and the Australian government picks the application based on their requirement.  If an applicant receives an application from the Australian government then he or she will have 60 days to apply online for a visa. While the application is in process the applicant cannot change the information in order to score the points. We are known as excellent visa consultants.


    1. Applicant should be under 45 years of age.
    2. Should score the points as per the mentioned factors in the points test.
    3. Should be proficient in English.
    4. Should be nominated for any of the occupations in the relevant list given by Australia.
    5. Should have appropriate skill assessment.
    6. Sponsorship from any of the eligible relative living in Australia.
    7. Should have a regional sponsorship from a state.

    AT ‘Competent Careers’,  our full range of services includes the following:

    1. Interacting with our expert counselors.
    2. Initial counseling on the entire procedure.
    3. Checklist of the documents.
    4. Filling up forms, submission and application procedure.
    5. Guidance on obtaining a police clearance certificate.
    6. Assistance on medicals.
    7. Follow-up with DHA – De
    8. Guidance on visa interviews
    9. Job search assistance

    There are certain police and health checkups which needs to be done as per the norms of the Australian government.

    Why Competent Careers ?

    We at ‘Competent Careers’ assist and guide you to realize your dream of going abroad, be it on a Student Visas, Business Visas or anything to do with immigration. Even a minor error invalidates the application and can become a setback, resulting in a delay. We have expertise in this sphere of operations. We scrutinize, cross-check the application before it is dispatched, fulfilling all the terms and conditions for proper action.  We save you precious time and simplify the process to fly you abroad at an early date.

    We will assess your visa eligibility and your Australian job prospects. Once we understand your requirement, we’ll tell you how we can help you with immigration matters. If your skills and work experience match a specific need, we may also be able to advise on possible job opportunities.

    Our dedicated team offers the following services:

    1. Initial counseling on the entire procedure.
    2. Checklist of the documents.
    3.  Filling up forms, submission and application procedure.
    4.  Guidance assistance on obtaining a police clearance certificate on medicals.
    5. Follow-up with DHA – Department of Home Affairs.
    6. Guidance on visa interviews.
    7. Guidance on lodging the visa application and other procedures.