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Canada for the last few decades has emerged as a prominent destination for Students, Professionals, Job Seekers, immigrants seeing Permanent Residency, Businessmen, Tourists etc.


Canada for the last few decades has emerged as a prominent destination for Students, Professionals, Job Seekers, immigrants aspiring for Permanent Residency, Businessmen, Tourists etc. Canada is an emerging market of opportunities; most of the employers at Canada are looking for skilled, semiskilled and dynamic employees for their operations. Most of the cities and provinces are running short of workforce. They welcome immigrants for mutual benefits. They are looking for manpower globally and are inviting them to apply for their express entry programs through which mutual benefit, i.e., aspirants and Canadian employers.

    Our expert team at ‘Competent Careers’ will guide and help you in every way to realize your dream to Fly to Canada. Our expert ‘Canada Immigration’ Team handles all visa cases related Canada PR (Permanent Residency) also. Some Indians go to study in Canada and a few also prefer to go to study in UK.

    The Canadian government through Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (|RCC) admits immigrants to Canada; mainly under the Family Class and the Economic Class.

    The Economic Class comprises of professionals and skilled workers under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades, the Canadian Experience Class, the Provincial Nominee Class and the Quebec Skilled Worker Class. The Economic Class also includes business, investment-based programs. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (|RCC) manages skilled worker, economic class immigration programs using the Express Entry system. Applicants who meet basic criteria, submit an online profile to the express entry pool known as an expression of interest, under one of the above 3 federal Canada immigration programs or a participating provincial immigration program.

    The profiles of candidates in the pool are ranked against each other, under a Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest ranked candidates will be considered for an invitation to apply for permanent residence under regular draws. Candidates, who receive an invitation to apply, must quickly submit a full application, within 60-days. The government aims to process the cases within in 6 – months.

    Canada Express entry is completely an online procedure and the decision of approval is based upon Federal government, provincial government and the employers of Canada. Express entry is a system used by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to pick eligible and skilled aspirants for immigration to Canada to join their workforce.

    The police verification and medical will be needed as part of the application procedure, ‘Competent careers will inform about when and how to submit the mentioned document, as per our experts advice please submit all the relevant documents for a hassle free procedure.Canoes Beside Dock

    Our experienced team steers you productively on the essential points given below:

    1. Qualification Assessment
    2. Education Credential Assessment
    3. Document Checklist & Templates
    4. Application Filing Assistance
    5. Creation of Profile For Invitation
    6. Settlement Funds Criteria
    7. Self-Declaration Templates
    8. Assistance On Clearance Certification From Police Department
    9. Visa Application Fee & RPRF (Right For Permanent Residency Fee)
    10. Supervision & Guidance On Medicals

    Know More

    Many Indians migrate to Canada to study, to work, get a PR, do business, visit as a tourist, etc. Canada offers an opportunity to migrant professionals, both skilled and semi – skilled workers.

    The Canadian immigration department has developed a very systematic immigration criteria to recruit economic class immigrants; which includes skilled workers and business class immigrants into Canada. The present Canadian Immigration and Citizenship department, also known as CIC Canada, is the most important department of the Canadian government. The Canadian Immigration   Citizenship department also maintains statistics of the number of immigrants entering Canada, number of applications approved, the kind of people entering Canada and such other data.

    Residence Permit

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    Canadian Government offers Permanent Residence visa to all eligible migrants.

    The following are the benefits of Permanent Residence Visa:

    1. Become Permanent Citizen of Canada.
    2. Relocate in less than 6 months.
    3. Avail world-class healthcare & retirement benefits.
    4. Avail free education for children.
    5. Sponsor your relatives to join you in Canada.
    6. Live, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.
    7. A Canadian passport allows you to travel visa-free to over 180 countries.

    Eligibility And Types Of Visas

    Canada offers different types of migration routes, hence eligibility criteria vary from case to case.  All the relevant aspects are explained to you at our office.

    Eligibility criteria depend on few selection factors.  Guiding you through these selection factors plays a major role in converting our efforts into propelling you to migrate to your destination.

    Canada Visa Document Close Up. Passport Visa on Canada Flag. Canada Visitor  Visa in Passport,3D Rendering. Canada Multi Entrance Stock Illustration -  Illustration of citizenship, visa: 204154455

    The following are the Six Selection factors to check the Eligibility:

    1. Language Skills
    2. Education
    3. Experience
    4. Age
    5. Arranged Employment in Canada
    6. Adaptability

    Some more important points are given below:

    1. The Federal Skilled Worker program is one of the three federal programs managed through Express Entry.
    2. You have to be eligible for one of these programs to enter the Express Entry pool.
    3. Express Entry candidates are scored using the Comprehensive Ranking System. If your skills and experience qualify you as a federal skilled worker, we will also assess you on six selection factors.
    4. If you score 67 points or higher (out of 100), you may qualify to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker. A minimum of 67 points is required to migrate to Canada.
    5. If you score lower than the pass mark of 67 points, you won’t qualify to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker.  However, we will cross check if you are eligible to migrate to other provinces.


    Canada offers different types of visas depending on the requirement of the individuals. It offers Student visa, Job visa, Business visa, Tourist visa, Dependent visa etc.

    Canadian Immigration has a number of rules and clauses. Our team of proficient counselors on the subject will guide you through the entire cumbersome procedure.

    Federal Skilled Worker Program

    Federal skilled worker program is a way for individuals to live, work and settle in Canada. Aspirants can apply for it, if they meet the eligibility criteria. If you meet the eligibility criteria an expression of interest has to be lodged by creating an online account and giving all the information the authorities need to assess you application.

    The selection procedure is similar to that of the express entry programs. The applicant has to get 67 points out of 100 and these points are based on certain factors which are given below:

    • English proficiency
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Age
    • Employment in Canada
    • Adaptability

    In order to qualify for Federal skilled worker program a candidate must satisfy the below mentioned conditions:

    • Candidate needs to have proficiency in English or French language.
    • Should have at least one year of continuous employment with any registered employers in the last ten years.
    • Foreign education needs to be assessed and approved by the CIC (Canadian Immigration Citizenship); which shows whether the existing degree is equal to the Canadian education system and other credentials.

    Canadian Express Entry


    The Canadian Government has its own rules and regulations to govern the immigration into their own country.

    The express entry form comprises the information mentioned below:

    • Work skills and ability
    • Overall experience
    • Language proficiency
    • Educational information
    • Age

    The police verification and medical will be needed as part of the application procedure, ‘Competent Careers’ will steer you on how and when to submit the mentioned documents. As per our experts advice please submit all the relevant documents for a hassle free procedure.

    Our experienced consultants will evaluate your profile; provide necessary guidance on how to proceed further with your plans to migrate abroad. Based upon your profile we give you the detailed points you have scored so far and will inform you, how to score more to speed up the application processing.

    Your interaction with us involves as given below:

    • You need to provide us complete information with reference to your Qualification, Employment, Experience and other rudiments as per the format – to be submitted
    • We have our processing hubs and the Technical evaluation will be processed by our internal expert’s team.
    • Once your evaluation is finalized, the report shall be generated as per the current points system.
    • All related information throughout the process will be communicated to you by our expert consultant.
    • Evaluation report generated does not confirm anything related to migration; it evaluates your eligibility and provides the requirements and points.
    • ‘Competent Careers’ will notify you about your eligibility to work in Canada. We will give information relating to your IELTS necessities, skill requirements, designated occupation, processing stages, application fees and rest of the information you need to make a flourishing career overseas.

    Why Competent Careers ?

    Competent Careers has a reputation to deliver stupendous immigration services, assists you to your satisfaction and stands by you till your goal is achieved.  We provide immigration services on fast track basis, consuming minimum of your time.  We offer immigration services to almost all the countries. We are one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

    We guide you effectively on the entire procedure.   In a short time we get all your documents verified, assessed and prepare for approval.   All your work is done at nominal charges.

    We follow a step by step approach to set the ball rolling as follows:

    1. Initial counseling session and document checklist with education credential assessment requirement.
    2. Necessary information will be given to you.
    3. Guidance on educational and work related documents.
    4. Online application account creating assistance.
    5. Expert advice on online payment and entire application procedure.