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American higher education

In order to cater to the ever growing student numbers Universities spend more on administration and support services. USA spends a greater proportion of its GDP on universities than any other country, and has a large proportion of young people with a university education. The flow of local and international money is steady and is[…..]

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Migrating to USA

The rules of issuing a US visa change constantly and depend on occurrence of War, civil unrest; security concerns, natural disasters but they are for a temporary period in a certain country. Individuals from any of the countries where there is no consular presence can avail the services from the nearest embassy. The US Department[…..]

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Visas For Jobseeker

America is one of the very few countries that go with an interview based system to recruit immigrants into the country. Competent Careers has a proven track record of recruiting hundreds of successful and prospective candidates to America. The same expertise helps you to acquire comprehensive information about America – all that you need to[…..]