Education Evaluation


The education evaluation is supervised by the respective overseas nation’s education system higher authorities with proper authentication. The certification is done on certain norms and those protocols are to be respected by every individuals, who is planning to migrate there in near future.

The educational certificate of the individuals should be correct and true to the knowledge of the candidate. The entrusted expertise of our competent careers will take all your educational documents and proceed towards processing for the International evaluation, which is mandate at the beginning of the entire process.

    There are few rules to follow before the process starts such as

    • Step 1 – Certificates of total qualification should be gathered with mark sheets and provisional ones.
    • Step 2 – Any gap in the education should be justified properly to the counselor at the time of conversation initially.
    • Step 3 – Basic Qualification standards are to be met as per the requested nationality norms.
    • Step 4 – Fraudulent or tempering of the authenticity of the certificate should be prohibited.
    • Step 5 – Proper accumulation of the certificates and documents of education is honored.

    For any further information kindly contact the assigned visa counselor of our company.