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We provide visa assistance to work abroad, offers higher education, employment, permanent residence (PR) and a host of other assistance in Germany.



Increasing Employment and Business prospects makes Germany an attractive destination. We provide visa assistance to work abroad.  Germany offers higher education, employment, permanent residence (PR) and a host of other assistance.

    Germany wholeheartedly encourages highly educated & skilled professionals as follows:

    1.  IT Professionals
    2. Engineers from all Branches
    3. Professors  & other teaching faculties
    4. Finance and Banking sectors
    5. Scientists (in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, space Technology etc.)

    We are one of the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. We welcome you as a highly qualified professional to our ‘Competent Careers’ office to interact with our immigration experts.  We guide and provide all necessary assistance to achieve your BIG DREAM of going abroad.

    Our office is backed-up by a Team of highly motivated professionals eagerly awaiting a call from you followed by a visit to our office to help you in your Endeavour.

    Germany has a large immigrant population bubbling with energy and is a major contributing factor in the German Industry.  Immigration to Germany has become one of the priorities for the youth.  These immigrants are motivated entrepreneurs, setting up their own companies, industries, institutions. As on date Germany has 7,00,000 plus immigrants run their own companies.

    You must have a concrete job offer and permission from the German Employment Agency.  The candidates must approach the Germany Embassy in their respective countries to apply for work and residence.

    There are many opportunities to set up your own business and help can be sought from German Trade And Invest (GTAI), which is the Economic Development Agency.  Its ‘Investor Guide’ runs you through the immigration, residence criteria, related legislations, taxes etc.

    Know More

    Germany is one of the leading destinations for the immigrants. There are different types of Visas like Student Visa, Job Seeker Visa, Permanent Resident Visa, Business Visa, Dependent visa, Tourist Visa, etc. Germany’s well-performing economy, employment opportunities, education system attracts immigrants from all over the world. When you think of ‘Overseas Education Consultants near me’ – we are just a phone call away. Germany encourages well qualified professionals to work in Germany. When you have a German Employment Visa also called Work Permit you can take pleasure in working in Germany.


    As an immigrant you are allowed to visit other Schengen agreement countries as given below:

    Germany Specific Information - Apna Frankfurt
    • Austria, Belgium, Czech
    • Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands
    • Republic, Denmark, Estonia
    • Norway, Poland, Portugal
    • Finland, France, Germany
    • Norway, Poland, Portugal
    • Greece, Hungary, Iceland
    • Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
    • Italy, Latvia, Lithuania

    A Season Visa permits you to enter and reside in Germany for a maximum duration of 6 months. Processing a visa takes about 3 to 4 months. You are not entitled to do any type of job.

    Eligibility & Residency Permit


    There are many ways to migrate to Germany; hence the Eligibility Criteria varies from case to case.  We guide you through all the pros & cones on the subject.  Many professionals also visit us for German work permit including for IT jobs in Germany.

    German government lays down different regulations for different types of visas.  All these are explained to you by our expert visa counselors at our respective corporate offices.  At Competent Careers our immigration experts facilitate you for a German visa from India.

    You need a German Residence Permit to stay in Germany.  You are entitled for a German job visa after you get a job.  When you get one of the visas for immigration, you will also get a residence permit. The residence permits can be temporary or permanent. Temporary residence permits allow foreign nationals to stay in Germany for a specified period of time and then return to their home countries.


    Permanent residence permit means that the foreign national can stay in Germany, as long as they want to, can leave and return to the country whenever they want to. However, a permanent residence permit does not mean that you get a German citizen.

    Settlement Permit

    The Permanent Germany Residence Permit is also called Settlement Permit in Germany.  A five year period of employment entitles you to a Permanent Residency.  EU Blue Card holders are also at par with German Citizens.

    However, below is the complete list of eligibility requirements to obtain permanent residence in Germany:

    1. Demonstrate a household to stay in.
    2. Demonstrate language skills in the German language adequate enough to sustain in the country.
    3. Demonstrate a clean social record.

    Types Of Visas

    Individuals visit Germany on different types of Visas, like Job-Searching, Working (Employment), Studying, doing Research, Training / Internship, Business, Permanent Residency, Dependent, Tourist etc. All these are governed by different rules. We also specialize in Germany work permit visa. We design and categorize our visa services on the bases of your immigration needs.

    Many aspirants visit us as we are one of the best Germany job seeker consultants. Our counselors at ‘Competent Careers’ as Germany immigration consultants we simplify your paper work and work as a catalyst to processes your application faster.


    For Job Hunters, a special visa is offered by Germany – called Skilled Job Seekers Visa. You can put your efforts to explore for a suitable employment for a period of 6 months. ‘Competent Careers’ offers full guidance on ‘How to get work visa’ or ‘how to get work permit in Germany’. Your visa is upgraded to German Residency Visa on your securing a job.

    Eligibility for obtaining the Job Seeker Visa is given below:

    • A minimum academic qualification studied for a minimum of 15 years
    • A minimum of 3 years of work experience
    • Valid passport
    • Evidence for staying in Germany
    • Financial capability to stay in Germany
    • Access to medical and health insurance


    Germany encourages Business Men to tour Germany for a period of 70 days on Business Visa.  They can tour Germany to attend business meetings, training classes etc.  The country welcomes immigrants to invest in German based companies.  Businessmen also approach us for German visa.

    The following are required for a German Business Visa:

    • Valid passport
    • Bank statements for the last three months
    • Provision of health and medical insurance
    • Recommendation letters by business associates
    • Proof of hotel booking and return travel ticket


    Students are welcomed to study in Germany on a student visa. You have to furnish a valid acceptance letter issued by a recognized German educational institute. Applicants must apply at least 3 months prior to the commencement of the course. Many students face it difficult to search a better global education consultancy in Hyderabad which is better than “Competent Careers’. Competent Careers is one of the best overseas education consultants in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. We have our able staff in at these three Capitals.

    All the standard eligibility requirements like financial dependability, social record, valid passport etc., are applicable to obtain Germany student visa. Knowing German language is an added advantage.

    ‘Competent Careers’ provides excellent leverage to the eligible students to FLY to Germany for their education. We have successfully processed hundreds of applications of the students and guided them to the German Educational institutions.

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    Our dedicated and highly motivated Team ‘Competent Careers’ is keen to help you fulfill your ‘BIG DREAM’ of going abroad.  We are well versed with the local rules related to German immigration and are one of the favorite top Germany visa consultants.

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