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Migration to greener pastures by human beings is a continues process even today in this modern world. Human beings have the acumen to identify and fish for their interests abroad and you are no exception. The world is facing new challenges, throwing up new opportunities for you to visit, migrate, explore and settle down in a decent profession / business or adventure as an entrepreneur on the foreign soil. Many before you have done it and many more after you will endeavor with enthusiasm settle and prosper abroad.

The magic door of the ‘Competent Careers’ is the right place for you to knock and realise your dream of flying abroad. We have successfully launched overseas, scores of enthusiasts who have entered our office for visa process. They are happy and are thankful for the services rendered by ‘Competent Careers’.

At ‘Competent Careers’ we offer a number of valuable services to settle you in a rewarding job abroad.  You can bank on us for processing your visa application.  Our experts will help you navigate through the cumbersome visa process at the respective consulates.

The following are the standard Visa Services we offer for successfully launching you abroad to realize your dream:

  • Visa – Application Processing
  • PR Permit
  • Job Seeker Visa
  • Counseling
  • Resume Marketing

Our team awaits a call from you followed by a visit to our office. The following are our foot prints in 3 major metros in this part of the country: