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    Art, Crafts, African, Market, SouvenirThe economy and job opportunities are increasing day by day in South Africa.  Immigrants are flocking to this African country in large numbers as professionals or critical tradesmen. South Africa encourages well qualified professionals to work in South Africa.  You must know everything about visa South Africa.

    Visas are given for different occasions and are issued for South Africa like Student Visa, Permanent Resident – PR Visa, Business Visa, Dependent visa, Tourist Visa, etc.

    When you think ‘Overseas Education Consultants near me’ – we (Visa advisers of ‘Competent Career’) are just a phone call away.  When you have a South African employment visa, also called work permit you can enjoy working in South Africa.  Many Indians migrating to South Africa, study in South Africa, work in South Africa, do business in South Africa; try to get Permanent Residence in South Africa.  You can also invest abroad. Contact ‘Contempt Careers’ for any type of visa or travel abroad.

    South Africa critical visa skill helps you to migrate, work and settle in South Africa.  Your visit to our office will leverage you to get a visa to work abroad in South Africa.  This will help you to migrate to South Africa and search for a job in South Africa.  You can always change the South Africa critical visa into a work permit without much difficulty. A more related information is given below:

    When you enter South Africa with a South Africa critical visa, you have to find a job within the time granted by the South African authority.
    Job offer is not mandatory for you to enter into South Africa.
    Department of Home Affairs, South Africa releases a list of critical skills for the convenience of the immigrant population.
    South African Government issues visas liberally, work permit and a Permanent Residence, subject to certain conditions.

    Our experienced team at ‘Competent Careers’ shows various means and methods to procure a South Africa Critical Skill Work Visa. Obtaining a South Africa visa requires a lot of documentation and meticulous planning.

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    Our counselors will assist you in the following to process and compile your visa application:

    • Educational qualifications / credentials
    • Professional experience skills / experience
    • Related documents of Police clearance certificate and Medical report.
    • Any other related documents.

    Types Of Visas

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    The different types of visas which are issued by the South African Home department to the individuals like Job-Searching visa, Work visa (Employment visa), Study visa, Study / Research visa, Training / Internship visa, Permanent Residency visa, Tourist visa or visitor visa, Business visa, Dependant visa, volunteer / charity visa, sports visa, visa to attend conferences etc. There are different of rules.  Our visa help modules are based on your specific needs.

    At ‘Competent Careers, we assist you to process all types of visas as per your needs. Procuring a visa to South Africa is a cumbersome process and our guidance will make it easier. South Africa Government issues different types of visas depending on the requirement of the individual.

    The Government of South Africa’s Immigration Act provides options for temporary or permanent residency for other nationals, depending on certain conditions.

    Work Visa

    The South African government issues Critical Skill visa and other General work visas to augment and cater to the South Africa’s immigrant work force to work in their country. The South Africa issues Critical skill visa to the immigrants; and this visa can be extended up to 5 years on confirmation of job offer.


    South Africa also gives work permits for general work force which South Africa is facing a shortage.

    Our research team is quite strong to assist you to the core. Job offer is not needed. One of the good points is that an applicant can enter South Africa without a job offer. To enter South Africa neither upper age limit is a restriction nor is an IELTS required.

    Our visa processing team has demonstrated every time their commitment to support you in a result oriented work culture. All the related points such as -16 years of Regular Education along with 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience, 4 years of Bachelor’s Degree or 3 years of Bachelors education with a Master’s Degree are kept in mind while guiding you.

    Why Competent Careers ?

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