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Visas For Jobseeker

America is one of the very few countries that go with an interview based system to recruit immigrants into the country. Competent Careers has a proven track record of recruiting hundreds of successful and prospective candidates to America. The same expertise helps you to acquire comprehensive information about America – all that you need to make it successfully overseas to land in the Land of Opportunities.

American Immigration System:

American Immigration System can be broadly classified into multiple types depending on the type of immigrants it permits to migrate to America. Following are the different types of immigration America has to its name:

  • Family based immigration
  • Employment based immigration
  • Refugees and Asylums
  • Diversity Visa
  • Citizenship

Each of the above mentioned have conditions to be fulfilled, features to offer and requisites to met. Such intrinsic details are categorically discussed by Competent Careers under the country ‘America’ by diabolically covering different visa types it offers its services towards. Let’s plunge in to know it all about America.


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