Visiting foreign shores as a casual visitor, for leisure, as a tourist, as a family member, to join a friend or on a business trip all by itself is a fascinating experience. You may travel abroad for Medical check-ups also. The only hurdle to visit other nations is obtaining a visa with minimal obscurity. It’s here that our experienced ‘Competent careers’ team will assist you in all possible means to launch yourself abroad.

Competent Careers dedicated team guides you to apply on the type of visa to be applied, assists you to process your documents etc. Our specialist team will sail you through the cumbersome procedure and cart you successfully to your goal.


    The following are some of the important points / procedures which you will be guided:

    • Initial Interaction with our expert counselors.
    • Call for and Verify all your papers / documents.
    • Advise you on the finances to be shown as evidence for visa purpose.
    • Briefing you on the complete visa and immigration procedure.
    • Review and see if any necessity to alter type of visa or country depending on the current situation.

    Every country has a different rules and regulations for entry into their country. The changed economic and security scenario in the world make some countries adopt tougher set of laws for entry into their respective countries. All these related issues in detail are elaborated to you by our specialists / connoisseur in our office at ‘Competent Career’.

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