It appears that you are fascinated to work abroad and for that you are contacting the right Visa consultancy ‘Competent Careers’. As you know we are spread out at Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai and are ready to help you realise your dream of flying abroad work or settle or visit. We are actually a phone call away followed by your visit.

Our visa professionals help you in the following ways:

  • Counsel you on the process of obtaining a visa to your desired destination. Assist you in all possible ways in the visa documentation.
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    • Help you identify a suitable destination as per the feedback what we got from the clients who have gone & settled abroad (where possible / suitable).
    • Depending on your profile help you identify a suitable position.
    • Help you prepare your resume which acts as a mirror and helps you during the highly competitive interviews.
    • Assist you in resume-marketing.
    • Step by step approach by our expert team will facilitate you to dream big. 
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    As you have already made up your mind to work overseas, its time you start contacting us at ‘Competent Careers’ for all necessary guidance on filing application for visa etc. Your keenness to earn in dollars, enjoy working abroad, back-up a little more savings and move ahead in life is very appreciable.

    Team ‘Competent Careers’ wishes you good luck in your Endeavour.